Detonate The Serotonin (featuring Liz Anaya Sheils)

from by Scatterboxx



Featuring additional violin written, performed, produced, & effected by Elizabeth Anaya Sheils.

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{"Detonate The Serotonin."}

padlock Scatterboxx in a strap-jacket.
i’m a lab rat tripping on some bad acid.
…lucid black magic got me flash-backing
to custom crafted cabinets to stash tablets.
…nap sack packed with fat hash spliffs,
backpacking even with these bad back spasms.
electric epileptic bipolar. printpressing
rhyme flower, son, have a crack at this.
EEG stat graphics not looking good,
CPU machine crashed. screen glass cracked quick.
off the charts balderdash mathematic
results got these technicians going spazmatic.
…got a few too many bad habits,
excessively crass when my Absinthe is absent
has it time to undergo added malpractice:
non-FDA approved detonated serotonin.

detonate the serotonin.

clogged arteries tangled in a bob & weave.
i’m shot, popping poppy seeds, lost cosmically.
late night rendezvous with the oddities
while you sleep soundly, yo, i set sail for odyssey.
snap high-definition pineal photography:
Dimethyltryptamine dreams seen consciously.
…everyone by now knows obviously
age bit its fangs, hit the veins of my artistry.
biologically, i am a robotic beast
that methodically was built on canvas in Picasso’s dreams.
cough & wheeze; snot dripping while i cause a scene;
see me vexed at the CVS Pharmacy.
it’s gotten me in constant animosity &
neurologically, i probably could use lobotomy.
self medicating fear & loathing irresponsibly
led to improperly detonating serotonin.

detonate the serotonin.


from Hypomanic Carnival LP (Deluxe Edition), released September 29, 2017


all rights reserved



Scatterboxx Boston, Massachusetts

Multigenre lyricist, emcee, producer, musician, audio engineer, artist of sorts, weirdo.

1/2 of Hz of the Heart (AKA Sidestep Complex) with Elizabeth Anaya Sheils;

1/2 of Disco Nebula with Alex Miller;

1/2 of Soon Might Be Too Late with Henry Smola;

1/2 of Soggy Rotten with Kyle Young;

1/2 of Sculpt the Future with Kyle Welch.

'Hypomanic Carnival (Deluxe Edition)' is available now.
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